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Reaching Out With Compassion, Our Affordable Home Care Is Here for You
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The founders of Affordable Homecare Associates, Sakiusa Navatu, aka “Saki’ and Inise Raju, aka “Innie,” have at their core a Fijian culture that is spontaneous and is widely applauded by all who have embraced Fijian and the smiling, exuberant sincerity of its citizens.

Experienced service providers may all be alike, such as in the routine of delivering their responsibilities. However, Fijians are also widely known for being easy-going, informal, and harmonious by nature. They are a people bound together by evening songs.

Fijian’s singing, either alone or with groups at schools, neighborhoods, or places of faith, emphasizes the meaning of an old proverb about music being a well-known healer. These qualities might make a difference when it is time to make that home care decision.

Caring relates to implementing unsolicited acts of unexpected kindness and we embrace these acts as vital to our client’s wellness. A list of such acts is now used for teaching associates the essence of caring.

Our primary focus as a trusted home care provider in Santa Rosa California is matching the interests and backgrounds of the client and the caregiver. Exploring the histories of a caregiver and a person in need leads to the sharing of active and dormant interests, which we implement as a very necessary focus aimed at mitigating the curse of most senior citizens… loneliness. The information gathered is provided to all our associates as well. It is part of their training.

It’s Care on Your Call

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