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We give personalized attention to your wellness-related needs.

As a trusted home care provider in Santa Rosa California, AHA’s general focus is on homecare, as listed above, and the services required per the client’s Special Homecare Plan. However, AHA also makes a persistent effort to match the interests and backgrounds of both the client and the caregiver. Sharing active and dormant interests can potentially lead to mitigating the curse of most seniors ─ loneliness. Information is provided to all associates, without names, to increase the number of people with similar backgrounds. It is part of the associate’s training.

When answering questions, please include your personal history from childhood to the present. The question “Who cares?” becomes answered by implementing and sharing mutual interests. If AHA does not care, this kind of program would not exist. The consequence of allowing television to dominate what remains of life because people like us no longer care is unacceptable.

Only a client remembers his heartbreaking experiences and never-told stories of victories and defeats because those have slipped away unnoticed. A person’s adventures with love luckily found and love never found, or, at one time, romance roared the heart with hope and disappointment, are now silent. It is an act of kindness to have shared mutually interesting stories and become a new friend ─ someone who made an effort to care.