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Alzheimer Care in Santa Rosa California

Is Alzheimer’s disease badly affecting your cognitive function and memory? Then our Alzheimer care services in Santa Rosa CA can help. At Affordable Home Care Associates, we understand the challenges that come with Alzheimer’s disease; therefore, we offer a range of specialized Alzheimer’s care services to help and support our clients. Our compassionate and comprehensive care and cure plans will help you live a fulfilling life. Our caregivers will thoroughly analyze your personal habits, traits, and physical or mental problems to devise a personalized cure plan. From meal planning, brain training, and socialization to managing spontaneous activities and creating diet plans, our cure plans cover it all. No matter, whether you are struggling with changes in behavior, mood swings, confusion, forgetfulness, or difficulty with communication, we have the solution. We devise and deploy personalized plans to help you manage symptoms and maintain quality of life.

Creating a Loving Environment They Deserve with Alzheimer’s Care

At Affordable Homecare Associates LLC, the family of our clients doesn’t have to worry about their safety because our professionals will provide a higher standard of compassionate care to enable them to lead comfortable, at-home lives. Our professionals will work closely with the family of our clients to develop a care plan that will meet their needs and even encourage them to have fun that they will enjoy in our care. Our expert team can help you with daily activities, such as meal preparation, bathing and dressing, seasonal chores, transportation, eating schedule, and medication management. From cleaning your home to washing dishes and doing laundry, we do it all. Furthermore, we also engage our clients in healthy mental and physical activities. We also follow up on various clean-up and hygiene routines. We offer customized care plans to best fit your budget and timeline requirements.

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